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You are on this planet for a purpose, for a mission only you can fulfill. Awakening to this mission – to your life's purpose – is the greatest adventure.

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For Everyone

FearlessYoga is an introduction to the essential principles, poses and practices of Hatha Yoga. With simple modifications, it is accessible to most everyone regardless of current athletic ability.

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For Yogis

For practicing yogis and yoginis, FearlessYoga is a guide to the deeper study of the discipline of Yoga. This includes exploring the science, subtle energy systems, and philosophy.

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For Warriors

FearlessYoga is a trauma sensitive approach to classical Yoga, with a disciplined approach to reasserting control over your mind, your body, and your life.

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Your Yoga Journey Begins Here.

Incubation & Innovation

New Projects

Our mission is to bring life-changing Yoga ideas to life. Current projects include online training courses, books, accessories and training gear. Here are a few of our latest favorites:

The Guiding Sutras

Fully illustrated guide with an overview of the Yoga Sutras and deeper exploration of the Yamas and Niyamas.

Sutra Straps

A multi-purpose Yoga strap printed with key reminders of the Guiding Sutras.

Yoga Sutra Bands

Artistic wrist bands and bracelets with key reminders of the Guiding Sutras.

Adjustment Cards

Convenient indicator cards allowing students to indicate whether or not they want hands-on adjustments.


Illustrated guide and companion online course to the key concepts of Yoga philosophy and Ayurvedic principles.

Sutra Coins

Create sacred space anywhere you are with these Sutra Coin kits and illustrated guidebook.


What People Are Saying

FearlessYoga™ is built around and for the Yoga community. Working together, we can collaborate, innovate, and inspire one another to bring life-changing Yoga ideas to life.

I'm new to Yoga and intimidated by photos I've seen online, but these sequences made it easy for me to get started.
Sharon S.

Sharon S.

I've wanted to go deeper in my study of Yoga, and these articles explain it in language that I can easily understand.
Kyra K.

Kyra K.

Thanks for the Sanskrit resources. I'm trying to learn all of the pose names, and these tools have been very helpful.
Devin N.

Devin N.

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FearlessYoga™ is an incubator for life-changing Yoga innovations, providing a platform for the Yoga community to collaborate, problem-solve, and inspire one another to each achieve our personal missions.

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